The Vision:

Our belief is that what we put on our bodies should be as safe and nutritious as what goes into our bodies... and safe for the environment when we rinse from our bodies down the drain.  It’s my personal mission to change the outdated chemistry which is used in personal care products. We need to understand that the Skin Model offered up as an example of skin by the cosmetic companies does not even vaguely resemble the scalp and face skin for one very important reason... Follicles... Trans-follicular penetration is an absolute open channel deep into our bodies without the natural barrier fuction of the epidermal skin and your skin of your face and scalp has over 400,000 of them.
"As a Trichologist I knew the inconvenient truth abouth chemical penetration though the Scalp and Face Skin and rather than just be worried about it, I decided to show the industry that beauty can be done differently—responsibly and safely—without compromising performance,” explains Company Founder, Peter Francis.

Rare, Precious, Pure, High Tech Natural Actives.

Technology and science have evolved so that using non-toxic, natural and organic products does not mean sacrificing performance. Our products are free from sulfates, plastics, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, petrochemical- derivatives and synthetics. Instead, they are formulated with state-of-the-art cosmetic science applied to natural, wild harvested and certified organic raw ingredients that makes them naturally potent with high efficiency. The whole range is designed and formulated for Salon quality and performance.

ABACHÉ ORGANICS is a new category of products that satisfies an enormous area of concern for the modern consumer. This unique Australian brand recognises that there is an emerging consumer group who cares about the origin, safety and sustainability of the ingredients which are used to formulate their personal care.

ABACHÉ ORGANICS is formulated specifically for the hair, scalp and skin. Our founder is a formulating Trichologist who recognises the vitality of the scalp skin is equally as important as the vitality of the hair. Our shampoos cleanse with a combination of gentle plant derived surfactants and conditioning actives. ABACHÉ ORGANICS uses real natural ingredients as actives, not merely as natural label dressing. We are commercially savvy and honest in its approach. Our finished products are all ‘Certified Organic’ final formulations.

All of our formulations are made exclusively from plants and therefore readily biodegradable for the environment. Our environmental commitment has resulted in the use of eco-friendly packaging and a minimum amount of surplus packaging material. For our product documents and our communication materials, we use paper founded on an ecological approach: sustainably sourced and recycled paper or cardboard, printed with plant based inks.

The Inconvenient truth:

Because our bodies absorb toxins and chemicals in the air we breathe and in the products we use every day, Peter intends to educate consumers regarding the truth about ingredients. 

“Not all manufacturers are coming clean.  In fact, greenwashing has become an epidemic within the beauty industry. Our commitment is not only to expose the inconvienient truth, but to educate consumers and the industry alike about organics, as well as the risks associated with many harmful ingredients commonly used in beauty products,” explains Peter, founder and formulator for ABACHE Bio-Laboratories.

Our Ingredients:
Our committed search for unique wild harvested actives from the far reaches of all wilderness has uncovered a treasure trove of fabulous ingredients gifted to us by Mother Nature.
ABACHÉ ORGANICS products are naturally preserved using heat, sterile manufacturing practices, pH, extracts of fruits and plants, all combined with food grade bacteriostatic and fungistatic actives. No biocide preservatives, No artificial fragrances and naturally fragranced with pure fruit extracts.
Who Do we trust when we source our ingredients?
Certified Organic —There are several organic standard for food and farming in Australia but none for cosmetics, which is why manufacturers can get away with greenwashing; i.e., they can make an organic claim because they use some organic ingredients; however, they can, and often do, also use other synthetic and petro-chemically derived ingredients—harmful to the environment and to people. Our products and ingredients are certified organic by the highest standards in the world— Ecocert Greenlife, the ACO (Australian Certified Organic), the USDA’s NOP and UK’s Soil Association to name the majority. These certifiers do not allow for any toxic ingredients, which means consumers can trust that all our products are unquestionably safe.
Scientific Research and Collaboration:
Mananging Director Peter Francis works with noted physicians and scientists at leading universities and institutions as well as food and cosmetic chemists to create non-toxic, plant-based active formulations that have superior performance, without use of synthetic and petrochemically-derived ingredients.

100% Renewable Energy: 
ABACHÉ ORGANICS is the first professional quality brand in the Hair and Beauty industry in Australia to purchase Green Renewable Energy in the manufacturing of ALL our products. We also purchase 100% wind energy for our corporate headquarters, Laboratories and Salons.

When you purchase ABACHÉ ORGANICS you join us in our journey to promote beautiful and unique products whilst simultaneously helping isolated indigenous communities to become citizens of a sustainable global culture through our wild harvesting partnerships.

Wild crops include any plant, or portion of a plant that is harvested from a growing site that is not conventionally maintained, i.e. Rainforest. The land that a wild crop is grown on may not be cultivated by growers and may not be under other agricultural management. An organic wild crop must be harvested in such a way that preserves the natural environment in which the plant grows. Additionally, an organic wild crop cannot be gathered from an area that has been exposed to prohibited substances, such as pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Our wild harvested rainforest seeds and fruits are sourced sustainably from pristine regions by hundreds of families from traditional communities in the Amazon forest. Through this action we strive to be a positive force connecting nature and humankind in harmony as we allow the world to enjoy our wonderful discoveries.
Cruelty Free: —None of the ingredients or products are ever tested on animals.



Our Founder

Peter Francis is a qualified Trichologist since 1986 and World Master Hairdresser. Peter’s salons have enjoyed a prestigious position in the Australian market place for more than twenty five years.

ABACHE was born from Peter’s experience as a Trichologist, a World Master Hairdresser, innovative business leader, educator, fine artist, and formulating chemist.

Trichology is the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp.  In 1986 Peter was awarded The "Ronald Salinger" Award... this award is presented to those people who have made a major contribution to the furtherance of trichology, world-wide.
In 1995 Peter became the first Australian to be awarded the title of ‘World Master of the Craft’ by the Art and Fashion Group International in New York.

Peter also holds a string of key national awards from Hair Expo Australia, including the award for ‘Australian Excellence in Hairdressing Education’ in 1995 & 1996 and the title of ‘Australian Image Styling Champion’ in 1995. He was also a finalist for ‘Australian Hairdresser of the Year’ in 1996 and was awarded the ‘Australian Image Styling Champion of Champions’ in 2000.



Unique, Healthy, Sustainable

To help create and support sustainable use of our rainforest natural heritage and biodiversity, we are committed to formulate exclusively with wild harvested fruits and seeds, organically certified, plant derived, sustainable, and readily biodegradable raw materials. We aslo make sure that no ingredient or product is tested on animals.

"Plants have always been the main source of medicinal ingredients for humans, providing a wide range of valuable biologically active substances. Even today, the pharmaceutical industry and nutrition and health sectors use a myriad of active ingredients and products of botanical origin.  Today I am facinated by two different reasearch areas into Plants... on one side I reasearch Ancient Rainforest and Wilderness Plants and on the other pioneering plant Stem Cell Technology in cosmetics", Peter says.

Cleanest. Greenest. Highest quality. Going beyond organic: Plant Stem Cells. Cultivated in the purest lab conditions without soil, they are toxin-free and incubated in complete nutrition.

This totally new evolutionary-revolutionary process brings a new level of vitality to Hair and Skin Care cosmetics. We can now release the life force of the plant in its most pure, unadulterated form with pluri-potent stem cells harvested from the buds, roots, skin and heart wood of unique plants.



ABACHÉ ORGANICS products are pure, natural, formulated and tested for the professional hairdresser and specialised hair care retailer; they are certified organic, ecologically responsible and truly safe - no artificial fragrances or colourings, no silicones, no harsh surfactants, biocide preservatives or petro-chemicals.

We use totally renewable, sustainable raw materials that are largely unchanged by us along the formulation path and therefore may be received back by the planet as naturally as if they were still in the fruit, leaves or fiber from which they came. Most importantly they are healthier for our clients’ scalp, hair and skin... free from the toxicity of modern synthetic hair care.

Peter's formulating was born from the frustration with product companies formulating with synthetic harmful chemicals, green washing, the lack of real organic products on the market and his concern about the health effects of using synthetic products for the long term health of his Clients and Family. The result are truly unique product ranges: effective, toxin-free, organically certified and formulated specifically for the skin, scalp and hair using only the living energy of plants – a healthier choice for you and the environment.